Term and Conditions

  1. It is passenger responsibility to ensure his/her
    passport is valid for entry and he/she has fulfilled into
    immigration requirements in the country of destination.
    Passport Validity: Minimum 6 month
  2. The Company reserve the right to cancel or vary
    the services in any manner at its absolute discretion,
    and will not be responsible for any delays, however caused
  3. Ticket/s sold are not refundable, no refunds will be made for
    any untilised tickets/portions of the tickets due to any reason whatever.
  4. Any cancellation of confirmed seat made less than 2 hours before the
    scheduled departure time will be subjected to a 50% cancellation charge.
  5. The Company shall not be liable fr any loss, damage and/or personal injury
    suffered by the passenger.
  6. Under no circumstances shall the Company be deemed
    an agent of the passanger